LABEL The Children’s Group
ARTIST Music for Creative Kids
TITLE Volume 1 - Maggie G. - Around the House
DATE Tuesday, July 27, 2010
FILE UNDER Children's / Best Seller's / Family

For a child, the world of music should be an exciting journey of discovery, inspiring them to explore their creative potential. Music for Creative Kids, is a series designed to stimulate the creative development of a child’s mind by introducing them to fun original music that entertains, educates and inspires creativity. Music for Creative Kids is developed, selected and produced by The Children’s Group - the home of the award-winning and best-selling
Classical Kids and Mozart Effect ® series.
These series have won the hearts and minds of millions of children over the past two decades, thanks to parents whose high standards demanded only the best educational musical entertainment for their child.

The first release in the Music for Creative Kids series is, “Around The House” performed by Maggie G. The album’s songs encourage safe play, teamwork, helping Mom, and fun activities to do at home, such as “Pizza Party”, to the toe tapping lead track “The Hoover Maneuver”. Some songs convey simple messages (“Wear a Hat,” “Friends Like You,” and “Let’s Bake Cookies”) while others provide subtle non-academic life lessons using music as the messenger.

“Memorable melodies, kid-friendly lyrics, sing-a-long choruses and a cross-section of timeless musical styles make this CD a wonderful musical companion for parents, educators and children alike.”

Our colorful packaging is designed to appeal to parents of children ages 3 - 8, but the music is an enjoyable listening experience for all ages. Package includes 18 original songs, In Concert’ coloring poster to personalize, along with links to musical activities including play along guitar chords, contests, lyrics, karaoke and so much more.

About the Artist

Growing up in her hometown of Ottawa, Canada, Maggie G. (aka. Margot Glatt), was surrounded by a world of music and dance. Following her studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston and completion of the Music Industry Arts Program at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario – she fanned out in a myriad of musical directions. Margot’s combination of musical endeavours combined with her live entertainment experience and fitness professional background have provided an organic segue into what she loves doing today – performing, singing and songwriting for kids.

“The album’s songs encourage safe play, teamwork, and fun activities to do at home!”


For Ages 3 - 8

Track Listing

1. Do The Hoover Manoeuver
2. Pizza Party
3. Dance, Dance
4. Wear a Hat
5. Nothing Gets Better Than That
6. Friends Like You
7. The Banana Banana Song
8. What To Do, What To Do
9. Giddy-Up Clip Clop
10. Why I’m Proud of Me
11. When We Work Together
12. Mr. Fly
13. Exploring
14. Teddy Bears and Dinosaurs
15. Let’s Bake Cookies
16. Switch, Switch, Switcheroo
17. Birthday Wish
18. The Nap Song
Also includes 5 Karaoke Instrumental Versions:
19. Do The Hoover Manoeuver (Inst.)
20. The Banana Banana Song (Inst.)
21. Why I’m Proud of Me (Inst.)
22. Nothing Gets Better Than That (Inst.)
23. Pizza Party (Inst.)
Running Time: Approximately 50 minutes
Recommended Ages: 3 - 8



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