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Classical Kids Letter to Teachers
Teach arts as spirit to be danced with, not a dragon to be slain.

Welcome to the world of Classical Kids. Whether you are a music specialist or a general classroom teacher, you will find a wealth of concrete activities in music, social studies, writing and other arts.

Classical Kids presents each composer in context, as part of a story rich in historical detail and vivid music. While all the facts about the period are true, a fictional child leads young listeners into the composer's world. These recordings are neither didactic nor reductionist in their language level and music quality. Over twenty years of teaching, I have learned that children will expand fearlessly into any space we create for them. If we create small, condescending worlds, we create small, passive minds. These recordings can be enjoyed as musical stories on their own.

We respect your time and space and the limitations of available arts budgets, so included with the new Teaching Edition are digitized versions of our Teacher's Notes. These notes are designed to allow you to print and share with students and colleagues as you go. No need to fill valuable classroom space with boxes of text and workbooks.

In terms of educational theory, these Notes support the Integrated Curriculum, Whole Language Learning, Enquiry-based Learning, and Visual Thinking Strategies. You will find practical suggestions for every level of general student and musician. Together, they develop long-term learning, multi-level thinking, memory, cooperation and time management.

This package also includes an exclusive Slideshow DVD, featuring hundreds of images from the composers' times. Feel free to share this valuable teaching resource with art and social study teachers in your school.

Enjoy your journey into the classical world!
Susan Hammond

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